Is free will real or just an illusion?


People who believe in “free will” would choose to argue that it is real. However if it was actually real than the people who believe in “free will” being an illusion would be choosing  to believe something that is not real.The ability to choose something that is not real is an indication of “free will”.

If their is no free will than how is their crime?Looking at this in religious terms why would god want this if he is omnipotent? Therefore if their was no free will than that would mean that their will be no crime, no violence and no free speech(?).

Lets take the quote “I think therefore I am” addressed to how we can think freely. We can think about whatever we want and their is no guidelines. If that is not “free will” than what is!

However if God exists he is the past, present and future so if you believe  in him, your life is planned out. Then again believing in him is a choice  and many people don’t believe in him, because god wants everyone to believe in him “free will” might be real.

16 thoughts on “Is free will real or just an illusion?”

  1. I dont believe my life is planned out. Sure there may be a plan but as you mentioned free will and i do alot that isn’t gods will so to speak which goes against the plan but i think redemption is possible. I think we can join in with god and his mission but many are invited but few take up the challenge….

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    1. I am saying that god let us have free will but their is a small element which doesnt make that complete. Although we have free will I believe that god told us to use it within extent. For example people can have the right to free speech but dont have the right to murder. Although that is completely exeptable some rules, less drastic , limit us from having free will

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  2. Well, God has different meanings to different people.
    No one can logcically definitely define or repudiate God, since no one actually knows, met him/her/it.
    Although some people receive notifications.
    Even when they are not psychotic.
    Which is amazing.
    God is a guessing game, whose probability may be more valid than total chaos, because underneath the horrifying human created chaos on this planet, there is natural order.
    It may not be of the presence of God.
    Or maybe it might be.
    The one thing though, that is certain,
    humans on this planet,
    are defying an existent God,
    by the all our cumulative
    negative actions.,
    even if we say we believe in him.

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  3. In a Christian sense our will is to be subordinated to God’s will. Once we do this we no longer have the burden and agony of choice. We walk in the Light and Path of the Holy Spirit. No longer having choice is a liberation and only the true path remains. That is salvation. Freedom from free will is true freedom.

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  4. You might be interested in the blog Perfect Chaos. Steven Colborne, the author, is a believer in God though he does not believe in free will. He has quite a fascinating perspective.

    I think it’s interesting to ask the question, which society would you prefer to live in, one that acts like free will is real, or one that doesn’t? Even Sam Harris has admitted he does not want his children growing up thinking that free will doesn’t exist since, in a sense, anything becomes justifiable.

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  5. I think that is why I am not 😇
    It is my thoughts and my mind that is keeping the body and the soul separation. I need the mind to know that I am He but unless I drop the mind I will remain separate
    It is all in our minds 😇


  6. I believe in free will. God knowing the choices I will make does not mean He chooses them for me. Too many get hung up on that. Having free will means I reap the rewards and the consequences of those choices. It is as simple and as complex as that. I could – and others have – write a book on the subject, but I would never get beyond that simple statement.

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  7. There’s a Bible scripture that talks about God working to bring good out of ALL the things that happen in a believer’s life. That’s kind of how I see life. I know God’s general do’s and do not’s and do my best to live in that framework. I bumble my way through daily decision making as best as I can. Then I trust Him to bring it all together for good — simply because He is good. 🙂 Blessings!


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