Can We Know Anything for Certain?

379F645B-9C8D-4F9A-B3E0-574E48030E70.jpegOur entire childhood has been based on cold, hard facts, but what are facts? A misconception that has been piled on to the human race and stacked like revision cards or an important thing to be remembered.

The truth is that nobody knows anything for sure. Of course I am not talking about things like colors, or ‘do stapler’s actually work?’, I am talking about science.  Do you remember the Plumb Pudding Model of the atom?  People back then trusted it. what happened to it now? Well know it has been replaced by the nuclear model.

Another developed scientific thing is the periodic table (which I love by the way) and even the theory of evolution. How can we trust constantly evolving things?!

It is not that our mistakes are not useful, it is the fact that they are not right. Yes, we can use them and grow from them, but it takes decades just to start, and depending on what it is,  I mean it can be a piece of material that hasn’t been covered for generations. Everything can develop but the issue is trusting things that are actually wrong.

We do know things for sure at this time and age, but there is this thing that we all need to look at slightly tilted. Back when I was in class, every time that I heard a fact I felt like laughing ‘that will be proven wrong later’. OK, that is a bit exaggerated and you should really never do that!

The point that i am making is that we do know something for certain but we defiantly don’t know that everything we say now is true.


12 thoughts on “Can We Know Anything for Certain?”

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  2. Pretty much. One big problem with the whole “facts” thing is that sure, if evolution is a fact, for example, we still interpret those facts in a certain way to inform out worldview. When someone says “God doesn’t exist because science says so”, this is merely an interpretation of the data found by scientific endeavour. It might be an accurate interpretation, or it might not be, but at the end of the day it’s just an opinion formed by looking at data, rather than the data itself. The fact that there are many believers who think evolution points to the existence of God somewhat proves this point.

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