Is free will real or just an illusion?


People who believe in “free will” would choose to argue that it is real. However if it was actually real than the people who believe in “free will” being an illusion would be choosing  to believe something that is not real.The ability to choose something that is not real is an indication of “free will”.

If their is no free will than how is their crime?Looking at this in religious terms why would god want this if he is omnipotent? Therefore if their was no free will than that would mean that their will be no crime, no violence and no free speech(?).

Lets take the quote “I think therefore I am” addressed to how we can think freely. We can think about whatever we want and their is no guidelines. If that is not “free will” than what is!

However if God exists he is the past, present and future so if you believe  in him, your life is planned out. Then again believing in him is a choice  and many people don’t believe in him, because god wants everyone to believe in him “free will” might be real.