Are the best things in life free?


Many great things are free…. but are they really without a cost? This question is incredibly open as there are many ways to interpret it. At first I thought this question was only about money but after a while I understood that ”free” could also mean without a loss, technically that is not possible! While many things seem free they always has a catch. Here is an example:

  1. ”You meet up with your friends to calm yourself down before an important exam or meeting”- While this was ”free”(in a certain angle), one could argue that the time that you wasted meeting up with your friends could have been used in a more productive way like preparing for the thing you were nervous about.

This is a very depressing way to look at this, however you can also look at it as ”anything is worth it if you are happy” which can be equal or even displace a ”free” activity.

I believe that free things are extremely important and valuable, not only are they fun but they also relieve stress and help are personal well being. Many people have different things they like whether its: looking at gardens in the local park, going to famous sites or trying on every perfume at boots (which I have not done. 😉 wink! ). To me ”free” is equivalent to something worth your time (fun) not necessarily at no cost.

These are a few things that I like to do for ”free”:

  1. Go to the dog park and look at interesting people walking by
  2. scrapbook
  3. look at old photo albums
  4.  building a fort (yes you can do it at any age)
  5. volunteer ( I do it in the RSPCA)
  6. Meet up with friends
  7. explore Wikipedia
  8. Go to free events nearby where the center is the community

This is a quote that I am very fond of, even though it doesn’t apply to everybody!

”The best things in life are free. The second-best things are very, very expensive.” -COCO CHANEL

Please tell me in the comment section what free things you enjoy and what your opinion is about the initial question.

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