Can We Know Anything for Certain?

379F645B-9C8D-4F9A-B3E0-574E48030E70.jpegOur entire childhood has been based on cold, hard facts, but what are facts? A misconception that has been piled on to the human race and stacked like revision cards or an important thing to be remembered.

The truth is that nobody knows anything for sure. Of course I am not talking about things like colors, or ‘do stapler’s actually work?’, I am talking about science.  Do you remember the Plumb Pudding Model of the atom?  People back then trusted it. what happened to it now? Well know it has been replaced by the nuclear model.

Another developed scientific thing is the periodic table (which I love by the way) and even the theory of evolution. How can we trust constantly evolving things?!

It is not that our mistakes are not useful, it is the fact that they are not right. Yes, we can use them and grow from them, but it takes decades just to start, and depending on what it is,  I mean it can be a piece of material that hasn’t been covered for generations. Everything can develop but the issue is trusting things that are actually wrong.

We do know things for sure at this time and age, but there is this thing that we all need to look at slightly tilted. Back when I was in class, every time that I heard a fact I felt like laughing ‘that will be proven wrong later’. OK, that is a bit exaggerated and you should really never do that!

The point that i am making is that we do know something for certain but we defiantly don’t know that everything we say now is true.



What is the difference between living and being alive?

To be alive is to breathe. It’s to take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. There is nothing unique or special everyone can do it.
It’s so easy that a lot of us become pretty complacent in just doing that for the rest of our lives. To be alive is to do what ever everyone else does etc. watch TV (then breathe), shower(then breathe, get a degree(then breathe), get a job (then breathe) and so on.

It’s no accomplishment to be alive. It’s no big thing to breathe, walk, run, feed yourself and sustain your life. Most people do have obstacles and they are likely to be tough but being alive is like a roller coaster, there are ups and downs.
The ones people talk about, are those who have actually learned how to truly live. Those who took a break from watching TV and who did more than just breathe in and out.
To be alive is to be stagnant. It’s to let the current drag you through the rhythms and motions as you hold your breath.

Living is something completely different. Living is taking someone’s breath away, losing your breath at moments and forgetting to breathe. Its having fun and not letting anything get in your way. As Elvis Presley once said “Live each day, as if it were your last. Its written in the stars, your destiny is cast” . Living is to never let anything get you down even when you are upset.

"Living isn’t about preserving your breaths, counting them, watching them go in and out. It’s about forgetting to breathe, delving into passions and opportunities, swimming against the current and almost drowning".

Living is what you do with those breaths, those moments. It’s how you make your own path, dance because there’s no other way to express yourself and experience heartbreak. If you won’t take a leap of faith then nobody will do it for you. Try and take risks… imagine what would happen if you had no boundaries for a day, like Peter Pan. Would you fly? Face hook? hang out with the lost boys? Or watch TV and sit on your couch? In the last Peter Pan movie which i watched (when Peter was older) I never thought he would be capable of living again, but he did.
Living is loving and cherishing every moment but also making new ones.
It’s sacrificing your happiness for others and losing yourself in a guitar, piano or even violin solo. It’s burning out and falling down.
Those who are just alive don’t notice the seasons changing or the life forming. All they see is in black and white. They never see the simple joys in the everyday things or create memories that will be recalled generations later.

What I want you to take from this is to try  and live even when things get difficult. I have been dealing with a lot of pressure as I’m doing my exams soon but I have taken up hobbies such as this blog, balloon modelling and army cadets which has helped me focus on the important things in life. To have fun. Whether for you it is to take risks, skydive, hang out more with friends or to go on holidays it is good to do something worthwhile for yourself once in a while.

I invite you to tell your “living experiences” as I would love to hear them. Thank you!FDB301D4-D2A8-4612-818E-00FB9FA9CBB5

Is free will real or just an illusion?


People who believe in “free will” would choose to argue that it is real. However if it was actually real than the people who believe in “free will” being an illusion would be choosing  to believe something that is not real.The ability to choose something that is not real is an indication of “free will”.

If their is no free will than how is their crime?Looking at this in religious terms why would god want this if he is omnipotent? Therefore if their was no free will than that would mean that their will be no crime, no violence and no free speech(?).

Lets take the quote “I think therefore I am” addressed to how we can think freely. We can think about whatever we want and their is no guidelines. If that is not “free will” than what is!

However if God exists he is the past, present and future so if you believe  in him, your life is planned out. Then again believing in him is a choice  and many people don’t believe in him, because god wants everyone to believe in him “free will” might be real.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

In this blog I will be exploring philosophical ideas and teach you things about the subject. This will act as a guide to help you discover if you really like philosophy and if you would like to take it on as a hobby.

philosophy- the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline